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Appointment Times

We offer appointments from Monday to Friday from 7am to 8pm and on Saturdays between 9 and 5pm. If you cannot find the appointment time that suits you please contact us and we will try and accommodate your preferences.


Online Therapy Workshops

£35 per 1 hour session
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Assessment or Therapy with Psychologist (50 min session)

Dr Michael Yates £130

Dr Karen Gurney £170


Psychosexual therapy (therapist in training) (50 min session)

Calvin Stovell £55


Sexual MOT


What is a sexual MOT? 
We at The Havelock believe that a good sex life is not just an absence of sexual problems. We also believe that even a good sex life can (and should) get better. The Sexual MOT session is designed for individuals or couples who give sex high priority and want some time with an experienced clinician to focus on new goals, directions or hopes. For example:

- A one off or a yearly space to review how sex is going, where you would like it to be and plan how to get there. -An opportunity to review how something is working and troubleshoot problems before they arise e.g. negotiating keeping sex on the agenda after starting a family, or maintaining a good sex life in the face of other life pressures 

- A chance to negotiate a new way forward in new circumstances, for example, when thinking of moving your relationship from monogamous to open (or vice versa!) Having a third person to facilitate, provide expertise and help you plan can help you negotiate what you want, develop a strategy to make it happen and reach your goals- think of us as a personal trainer for your sex life!


Assessment with Doctor* (up to 60 min)



Follow up with Doctor* (up to 45 min)



* excludes investigations




About Investigations 
For some appointments with our Doctors investigations such as blood tests are an essential way for us to establish what the problem might be alongside taking a medical history and clinical examination. They may involve looking at sex hormones, thyroid function or other aspects of health which can affect sexual functioning. Tests for Erectile Dysfunction are the most extensive and cost £230 in addition to the session. Other difficulties may incur a smaller test package and some have no need for bloods at all. We may not know exactly which tests we need until you come and see us, but feel free to contact us by e mail if you would like to know more before your appointment.

Chaperone for physical examination


About Examinations
The doctor may want to offer you a physical examination during your appointment with them. We recognise that some people may feel anxious about this and we can support you to feel comfortable with this as part of your treatment. Please speak to us about your concerns.


Assessment / Follow up with Physiotherapist (up to 60/45 minutes)



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