About Havelock

Our Ethos

The Havelock Clinic is led by a team of doctors and psychologists who are experts in sexual medicine and have decades of experience of resolving sexual problems. Frustrated by the lack of quality integrated services for problems which are often relatively easy to resolve, we decided to open a sexual problems service following best practice guidelines - the medical and the psychological aspects of sex looked at together. We aim to provide highly effective treatments in the fewest number of appointments possible. Our ethos is simple- forward thinking, high quality, un-shockable, expert help, for everyone.

Havelock Ellis

Havelock Ellis was a British 19th Century Doctor who later trained as a Psychologist and wrote extensively in the field that we would now call Sexual Medicine. In the early 19th Century society and public opinion often construed sex or any manifestations of sexual desire as acts of madness or sinfulness, which largely came from the powerful influence of religion and psychiatry at the time. Although many of his views are of course outdated now, Havelock Ellis was unique in his field as a forward thinking voice suggesting that sex and the variations within it such as sexual preferences or same sex attraction were not ‘criminal’ or ‘perverse’. It was (and still is) unusual of a doctor to also train as a therapist and his desire to do this embodies what we know as clinicians working in sexual medicine; sex is not only just about how well anatomy works nor is it solely about what goes on in our minds. We at The Havelock see fast results using this approach and we feel we couldn’t work any other way. It is his fusion of professional disciplines to understand human sexuality, his progressive thinking compared to his peers and his celebration of sexual diversity and different types of relationships that prompted us to name the clinic with a nod to the mark he made on the history of sexual medicine.