Sexual desire in long-term relationships- Session 1

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This workshop is for women of all sexualities who want to understand how sexual desire works in their relationships.

Been worrying about how much you feel like sex in your relationship?

Feeling like its hard to get in the zone these days?

This workshop will increase your understanding of how desire works (spoiler- its not how you think it should work!) and guide you through tried and tested techniques to feel happier about how your sex life is going.

What it covers

As well as providing key information and help from the outset, this first session allows you to see what the workshop is all about before registering for subsequent sessions in this series.

Session 1 is 45 minutes of sex science and facts to get you thinking about your own sex life and circumstances. You can hide behind your screen or interact by instant message- it’s up to you. Although you can see and hear us we cant see or hear you so your privacy remains.

Come and join us and start the journey to revolutionise your sex life!

Topics across the whole desire series include;

  • What the research tell us about sexual desire in women
  • Understanding what sex means to you and how this fits with your experience of desire
  • Evaluating what function sex serves in your relationship(s)
  • Understanding the latest models of desire and relating this to your own experience
  • Learning what gets in the way of desire for you and what can you do about it
  • Maintaining progress and keeping desire on the agenda



“The information was revelatory: discovering that all these things we believe are normal when it comes to sex are not actually true………… I am left feeling like telling everybody I know what I have learned, so that everyone can be enlightened and set free!

“The really practical advice and exercises help you to get back a sense of novelty and to refresh and rejuvenate desire for each other”.

“Doing the course itself got my partner and I talking much more about our sex life which is always a good thing.”

(Participant feedback)


Dates of next workshop

Session 1 – Tuesday 15th October 2019 at 8.30-9.15pm

Rates and Booking

The online workshops costs £35 per session. Further details in your confirmation email. Sessions are live to allow for interactivity should you wish to, but if you can’t make it you will have access to a video of the session you missed.
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