Bulletproof your sex life after kids- for dads

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This work shop is for all dads who want to bulletproof their sex life after kids, using information from sex science and clinical experience from Dr Karen Gurney, Clinical Psychologist and expert in sexual functioning and sex therapy.

Sex life after kids

Many new dads report that their sex life after kids takes a temporary nose drive but struggle to know how to bring this up, find good solutions to it or find a long term fix that works for both them and their partner. We know from research that sexual satisfaction can be at its lowest the first few years after becoming a parent and we are running this one off workshop to empower dads to get the sex life they want.

What you’ll learn

In an anonymous workshop based format (you log on at the start time and can see and hear us but we cant see or hear you), you can absorb the information from the comfort of your own home. An instant message function allows you to interact (still anonymously) as much as you want to if you want to. The choice is yours.

We will cover;

  • How common is sexual dissatisfaction for new (and old!) dads
  • The reasons why sex can feel so important to us and our relationships
  • Sex stats and facts to blow your mind (and change how you think about sex)
  • The pre- kid vs the post- kid years – why is it so different?
  • The ground breaking key changes that will make a difference to you and your partner
  • How to revolutionise and bulletproof your sex life

Dates of next workshop

New dates to be released soon- email team@thehavelockclinic.com to be first to hear when dates are released

Read more about Dr Karen Gurney the host of this webinar

Rates and Booking

The online workshop costs £25 per session and can be booked via the link below.

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