How mindfulness can improve your sex life

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This workshop is for anyone wanting to learn more about how to improve your sex life using mindfulness.

We live in a world of almost constant distraction.

This impacts on our lives day to day in all kinds of ways, and the rise of the popularity of mindfulness fits with our desire of wanting to be present instead of panicking about that hypothetical future catastrophe, musing over what to cook for dinner, or obsessing over that thing you wished you hadn’t said in a meeting yesterday.

It’s widely known that mindfulness has many benefits for our lives outside of sex, but in the last decade or so there’s been a huge increase in data around the impact of mindfulness applied to our sex lives. We now know from research that mindfulness can improve our arousal, pleasure and desire.

This one off workshop run by Dr Karen Gurney, Clinical Psychologist from The Havelock Clinic is 45 minutes of sex science designed to help you understand how mindfulness can help your sex life, why it works and how you can have a go at putting it into action.

You can hide behind your screen or interact by instant message- it’s up to you. We cant see or hear you but you can see and hear us.

Come and join us and start the journey to revolutionising your sex life!

“The information was revelatory. I am left feeling like telling everybody I know what I have learned!
(Participant feedback, taken from the desire workshop series)


Dates of next workshop

Session 1 – Wednesday 22nd May 2019 at 8.00-8.45pm

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This online workshops costs £25 per session. Further details in your confirmation email. Sessions are live to allow for interactivity should you wish to, but if you can’t make it you will have access to a video of the session you missed.
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