Confidence getting and keeping erections- Sessions 2-4

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This workshop is for men of all ages experiencing problems maintaining erections. It aims to give you the tools, skills and knowledge to increase your ability to consistently get and keep erections, and to improve your sexual confidence.

Who is it for?

All men having difficulty with getting or staying hard, no matter how often this is happening or how long this has been happening for. The workshop will be particularly useful for those whose erection difficulties are not caused by any underlying medical condition, and so we recommend that you see an appropriately trained doctor to rule out medical causes first. You can do this through us, your GP or a Urologist. You must have attended session 1 of the workshop series first before signing up for this package.

What it covers

We take a ‘biopsychosocial’ approach to treating erection difficulties. This means that we will consider a wide range of biological, psychological and social factors that can contribute to problems with erections, and explore ways of overcoming these. We will cover;

  • Understanding how erections work and how physical and psychological factors can prevent them from happening
  • Understanding how society, the media, ideas about masculinity and common beliefs may contribute to erectile difficulties
  • Improving confidence in getting and staying hard across different sexual contexts, talking to partners effectively and using condoms (if you’d like to)
  • Increasing arousal and sexual enjoyment by learning how to stay focused during sex
  • Improving sexual confidence and facilitating better sexual relationships


Dates of next workshop

Dates to be released in Jan 2018- please sign up to session 1 first


Rates and Booking

Sessions 2-4 as a package at a cost of £105. Please note your registration is not confirmed until we receive payment. Details of how to make payment will be in your confirmation email.

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