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Top Picks

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Problem Solved Podcast with Therapy Jeff

Havelock’s Dr Karen Gurney tackles Therapy Jeff’s listener questions on topics ranging from partner hygiene to mismatched libido. Tune in for empathetic support and practical advice.

How not to let having kids ruin your sex life

How does sleep (or lack of it!) affect desire? What can we do to cultivate intimacy when we are tried? If you have young children this one is for you. Listen for strategies and conversation about how to get on track!

Are you surprised by the amount of sex people are having?

Havelock’s Dr Karen Gurney talks to Steven Bartlett at Diary of a CEO about why sex is on the decline – think technology and letting your pets into the bedroom! – and how to turn things around if you want more!

How Not to Let Having Kids Ruin Your Sex Life

How tiredness, distraction, lack of time and the mental load affect sex lives, and Karen describes the ‘storm’ that children often bring to a relationship. Plus advice and practical ways to maintain (or bring back) sexual connection, particularly when there is no time.

Getting pregnant at home without penis in vagina sex

Do you want to get pregnant but the practicalities are getting the way? Worry not! Here is your guide to doing it without penis in vagina sex.

In bed with Gay To Ze Podcast

Does having children have to mean the death of your sex life?! Lotte, Stu and Karen discuss the nuances involved with having intimate moments with yourself or a partner when you are an LGBTQ+ parent.

Watch Dr Karen Gurney’s second Tedx talk

Why are women’s orgasms incorrectly framed as trickier than men’s? What impact does this have on who’s pleasure is prioritised in sex? Find out how the orgasm gap is maintained, and what we can all do to close it.

Why faking orgasms is doing you a disservice

And the secret sauce to a good sex life in the long term. Listen to Dr Karen Gurney speaking to Dr Hazel Wallace on her podcast The Food Medic.

Is your libido on lockdown?

Have you been at it like rabbits in Lockdown 3 or have you found sex is the last thing on your mind? Tune into the latest Hotbed Collective Podcast to hear Dr Karen Gurney offer her top tips on reviving a long lost libido.

Lockdown: The Great British Sex Drought

We spoke with Lynn Enright at Grazia magazine about why those living with a partner are in an ‘unsexy no-man’s land of nothingness’ plus the huge potential for explosive connections once lockdown is over!

Scheduling Sex, is it a Good Idea?

Dr Karen Gurney talks to Hannah about the ‘three times a week’ myth, how we have no actual measurement for desire, and what good sex actually is.

Watch Dr Karen Gurney Speak at TEDx

The surprising truth about desire everyone needs to know TEDxRoyalTunbridgeWells

Women’s Orgasm: A Feminist Issue

We were recently asked to contribute to a piece for the i paper about women’s orgasms and it got us thinking.

Pelvic Floors & Penis Weights With Sarah Wolujewicz

Our pelvic health physio Sarah knows EVERYTHING there is to know about the pelvic floor muscles. Listen here.

Order Dr Karen Gurney’s Book

Discover how nearly everything that you’ve been led to believe about female sexuality isn’t actually true.