Podcasts and TV

Podcasts and TV

Our team regularly pop up on podcasts, TV and radio. Listen and watch them all here!

Problem Solved Podcast with Therapy Jeff

Havelock’s Dr Karen Gurney tackles Therapy Jeff’s listener questions on topics ranging from partner hygiene to mismatched libido. Tune in for empathetic support and practical advice.

How not to let having kids ruin your sex life

How does sleep (or lack of it!) affect desire? What can we do to cultivate intimacy when we are tried? If you have young children this one is for you. Listen for strategies and conversation about how to get on track!

Are you surprised by the amount of sex people are having?

Havelock’s Dr Karen Gurney talks to Steven Bartlett at Diary of a CEO about why sex is on the decline – think technology and letting your pets into the bedroom! – and how to turn things around if you want more!

How Not to Let Having Kids Ruin Your Sex Life

How tiredness, distraction, lack of time and the mental load affect sex lives, and Karen describes the ‘storm’ that children often bring to a relationship. Plus advice and practical ways to maintain (or bring back) sexual connection, particularly when there is no time.

Vulga Drawings Podcast

Feminist cartoonist and writer Lily O’Farrell asks ‘what are we learning about pleasure from the internet?’ And what impact does this have on the Orgasm Gap? We joined, sex educator Reed Amber, sexfluencer Scotty Unfamous and Tasha Mansley from SplitBananaaa to chat about it.

One Thing. Why you never fancy spontaneous sex

What is Dr Karen Gurney’s One Thing to share with all the parents? Don’t worry if they never feel like sex out of the blue.

Why don’t you want sex? Dirty Mother Pukka Quickie

The big issue is: how do you stop griping and start fancying someone who you’ve seen on the toilet, in birth and snoring in bed with you? Listen in and, well, hop on.

In bed with Gay To Ze Podcast

Does having children have to mean the death of your sex life?! Lotte, Stu and Karen discuss the nuances involved with having intimate moments with yourself or a partner when you are an LGBTQ+ parent.

Watch Dr Karen Gurney’s second Tedx talk

Why are women’s orgasms incorrectly framed as trickier than men’s? What impact does this have on who’s pleasure is prioritised in sex? Find out how the orgasm gap is maintained, and what we can all do to close it.

Why faking orgasms is doing you a disservice

And the secret sauce to a good sex life in the long term. Listen to Dr Karen Gurney speaking to Dr Hazel Wallace on her podcast The Food Medic.

Sex, Desire and Bridging the Orgasm Gap

People often think about sex as something you do with your body. And of course, it is. But it is more than that. Listen to discover how it’s something that connects you with your well being, your gender, with relationships, society, and culture.

Can Jealousy Ever be a Good Thing?

Dr Karen Gurney joins Alan Cumming and Christopher Sweeney for a fascinating chat about cohabitation, doing the dirty and everything in between.

Are We Using Unrealistic Standards to Judge Ourselves in Bed?

Tune into Clemmie Telford’s podcast But Why? to hear Dr Karen Gurney offer expert insight and challenge us to redefine even what we mean by ‘sex’.

Is your libido on lockdown?

Have you been at it like rabbits in Lockdown 3 or have you found sex is the last thing on your mind? Tune into the latest Hotbed Collective Podcast to hear Dr Karen Gurney offer her top tips on reviving a long lost libido.

What Should we Expect from Desire?

We talked to Psychosexual Therapist Kate Moyle how desire changes across relationships and how what we think we know about it may actually hinder us in our sex lives.

Scheduling Sex, is it a Good Idea?

Dr Karen Gurney talks to Hannah about the ‘three times a week’ myth, how we have no actual measurement for desire, and what good sex actually is.

Normal People, Extraordinary Times

Dr Karen Gurney offers The Hotbed advice on living such at close quarters with your partner, why this time has been make or break for some couples, and what to do when you’re feeling the tension rising.

Badass Women’s Hour on Talk Radio

How sex can help us fight viruses by raising our immune system and will the recent isolation create lots of babies?

Love in Lockdown: emergency isolation episode!

Sex, pleasure and relationships during this pandemic. How we can manage our anxiety and maintain our intimacy whilst distancing ourselves from others.

The Hotbed Podcast- April 2020

We discuss the 237 reasons we have sex, what (and who!) makes us feel sexy, how contraception can mess with your mood, why you should get listening to some audio porn, and how to make trying-to-conceive sex hotter than hell.

How to Have a Better Sex Life

Listen to Dr Karen Gurney talking to Women’s Health podcast about how to have a better sex life at any age and relationship status, orgasms, desire and the challenge of monogamy.

Does It Matter If You Have A Sexless Relationship?

Does It Matter If You Have A ‘Sexless Relationship’? We Spoke To Victoria Derbyshire For The BBC.

Pelvic Floors & Penis Weights With Sarah Wolujewicz

Our pelvic health physio Sarah knows EVERYTHING there is to know about the pelvic floor muscles. Listen here.

Project Pleasure

In this episode Anouszka and Frankie explore the idea of sex being a biopsychosocial phenomenon with Dr Karen Gurney.

The Sex Doctor, Dr. Karen Gurney Pt 2

We’re joined by Dr Karen Gurney. Karen is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychosexologist and Director of The Havelock Clinic.

The Sex Doctor, Dr. Karen Gurney Pt 1

We’re joined by Dr Karen Gurney. Karen is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychosexologist and Director of The Havelock Clinic.