Online Workshops

Online Workshops

Our workshops are a convenient and effective way to improve your sex life in a short time frame. At the Havelock Clinic, all of our online workshops offer the latest evidence-based guidance delivered in an anonymous and convenient way by experienced Clinical Psychologists. We are confident that you will see a significant improvement in your sex life by joining our online workshop and regularly participating in the exercises we ask you to do in the privacy of your own home.

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Our online workshops are not designed to be ‘therapy’ groups where there is an obligation to share your experiences or feelings (although of course you are welcome to if you feel comfortable, and you can do this anonymously). In fact there is no obligation to share anything during the online workshops if you prefer. Our aim is to give you the most information possible to improve your symptoms, as well as giving you the confidence to explore the sex life you would like to have. The sessions will involve us giving you expert knowledge and advice as well as asking you to practice tried and tested solutions at home between sessions to ensure you’re maximising the potential progress you could be making. Our psychologists will be available for you to contact on a one-to-one basis at key points between the workshops should you need it. This might be useful should you want to explore things you do not feel comfortable sharing in the workshop, and for us to be sure you are getting the most from it.

How does it work?

The online workshops typically consist of 1- 6 sessions which run every fortnight, live, on the same evening each week. You can easily attend a session from anywhere using a computer, tablet or mobile device. All you need is an internet connection speed of 1 Mb per second or better.




Choose your workshop and register online.




You will receive a e mail with a link to join at the correct day and time.




At the start time, click the link to see us. We, or other workshop attendees cannot see or hear you. We as facilitators can see comments or questions you ask if you choose to do so.

Between session practice

Tasks specially designed to overcome the problem will be set between sessions, which will allow you to practice skills and maximise progress. We know from experience that regularly practicing these skills is a major predictor of change. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to give feedback on how these are going and to get support if needed.

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