Treatment for Sexual Problems

Sexual problems

Difficulties getting and keeping erections

Many men have trouble at some point in their lives getting or keeping erections. For some this can happen on a regular basis, for others it can happen all of the time. Causes for difficulties with erections can be physical (e.g. an early sign of cardiovascular problems, thyroid disorder) or psychological (e.g. once we start to worry about getting an erection this can prevent the physical changes happening that allow erections to happen). There are many other causes also. Erectile difficulties can also be caused by a combination of the physical and the psychological, for example perhaps it started happening more often due to physical reasons, but once these have been resolved the worry about it happening keeps the problem going. We treat erectile problems quickly, with the treatment that will work the best and for the longest length of time.

Concerns about Sex Drive

We see men and women who are worried that their sex drive is too high or too low. Usually this has become an issue as either their partner is concerned or the person themselves feels this is ‘not normal’, or because spending lots of time on sex or thinking about sex is interfering with their daily lives. We at The Havelock are best placed to help you understand what might be behind any changes you have experienced with your sexual desire, and to help you resolve this in a way that fits for you.

Feeling out of control with sex or sexual choices

We work with people who feel that the frequency, type or way in which they have been expressing themselves sexually is of concern to them. This could be things like paying for sex or watching porn more than you are happy with, taking sexual risks that you then spend time worrying about, or having sexual interests that concern you as they don’t fit with the rest of your life (for example fetishes). We also work with people who want to figure out or feel more comfortable with their sexual orientation.

Pain during sex

We see men and women who experience pain during penetrative sex, and offer a structured programme of finding out why the pain is happening and what can be done about it. This often involves a meeting with one of our doctors to look for a physical cause, a meeting with our psychologist to establish the extent at which the pain is affected by your expectation of it and possibly a meeting with our physio to see whether your pelvic floor muscles are playing a part in the maintenance of the pain.

Worries about coming too soon or not coming at all

We see men and women who feel concerned that they lack control over when their orgasm or ejaculation happens, in a way that leaves them feeling unsatisfied. This can be caused by a medical condition, an increased sensitivity in the genitals, or can be related to the way in which you’ve been having sex. It’s also possible that orgasms have been hard to achieve recently (or always) and this can be related to things like how distracted you are during sex, how the stimulation you are getting is working for your body and how turned on you are.

Other sexual issues

There are many other sexual and relationship issues that we work with at The Havelock. If you have a particular issue that you would like to discuss further to find out how we can help, contact us.