Meet the Team

portrait photo karen gurney

Dr Karen Gurney

Clinical Psychologist and Psychosexologist

Director - The Havelock Clinic

Karen has been successfully helping individuals and couples overcome sexual problems since 2003. She teaches in London and across the UK to psychologists, GPs and other health professionals and supervises other clinicians in their work. She has been creating content to translate sex therapy principles into online format for the last 10 years. She is the psychologist representative in the BASHH Special Interest Group in Sexual Dysfunction and is a European Society of Sexual Medicine accredited Psychosexologist.

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Karen is Lead Psychologist for 56 Dean Street, an award winning Central London NHS sexual health clinic, working in sexual problems and gender dysphoria. Karen has written for and been featured in publications such as Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Refinery29 as well as regularly appearing on TV, radio and in podcasts. She is a UK ambassador for Erika Lust's - a not for profit initiative set up by Erika Lust designed to help parents and caregivers talk to young people about porn use. Karen feels strongly that the quality of the private market should be as strong as NHS services, accessible to everyone in a variety of formats, but with the option to be seen sooner, and at a time or by a method that is more convenient for them.

Karen enjoys working with coupes of all sexualities and all relationship set ups to help them get where they want to be. She particularly enjoys working with couples with mismatches in desire, clients struggling with getting and keeping erections, individuals concerned about their sexual choices or preferences, and LGBT clients wanting to work towards the ideal sex life for them. Her first book, MIND THE GAP: the truth about desire and how to futureproof your sex life was published by Headline Home in 2020 and was a bestseller.

portrait photo michael yates

Dr Michael Yates

Clinical Psychologist

Michael has been working with individuals and couples experiencing a wide range of sexual problems since 2015; helping them to help overcome difficulties, reduce distress and to find ways of moving towards the preferred directions for their sex lives. He is currently the Psychosexual Service Lead at 56 Dean Street, the UK's largest psychosexual service within the NHS. He previously helped set up and run NHS Psychosexual Services in London, and since 2017 has been one of founding members of the Havelock Clinic team. He has specialist experience of developing and running evidence-based group interventions for sexual difficulties, which are currently being used within an NHS context and have been shown to deliver positive outcomes for individuals experiencing a range of sexual problems including, erectile dysfunction

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Michael teaches and speaks nationally on sexual problems, and has helped develop training material for psychosexual services in the UK. He has written for and contributed to articles for a range of UK media outlets including Huffington Post, Metro and Sky News. He has wide ranging interest and experience in working with those from diverse cultural, gender and sexuality backgrounds, and with those wishing to explore ways of understanding and expressing their own identities in sex and relationships. He particularly enjoys working with individuals worried about the type or amount of sex they are having, and those facing difficulties around sexual desire and enjoyment.

portrait photp ali mears

Dr Ali Mears

Consultant Physician in Sexual Medicine

Sex and Relationship Therapist

Ali has over 10 years experience working in the field of sexual dysfunction both with individuals and couples. She also works as a Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV at a large Central London NHS Trust where she is one of two doctors who run a dedicated service for people with sexual difficulties such as erectile dysfunction, concerns about pain during sex, low libido and premature ejaculation.

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Ali is able to expertly identify and manage the many medical problems that can cause sexual difficulties but is also acutely aware that there are many causes of sexual problems and that the interface between ‘medical’ and ‘psychological’ factors can be complex. This led Ali to undertake Sex Therapy training and she is now a fully qualified sex therapist in addition to being a medical doctor. She is a member of the BASHH Special Interest Group in Sexual Dysfunction. Ali holds a distinction in the Diploma of Genitourinary medicine and a Diploma in psychosexual medicine.

Ali is also interested in the interface between The Arts and Medicine and has regularly worked with internationally renowned performance artists on a number of collaborative projects and performances over the past 7 years. The most recent project is a Wellcome Trust funded YouTube channel, where Ali has recorded 6 programmes on different aspects of 'Sex and Ageing' entitled ‘Ask Dr Ali’. Click here to see this.

portrait photo jane ashby

Dr Jane Ashby

Consultant Physician in Sexual Medicine

Jane works as a Consultant Physician in Sexual Health and HIV for a CQC-rated outstanding central London NHS provider. She is the Lead Consultant for the sexual problems service within her NHS trust. She is highly experienced at assessing and treating a variety of sexual problems and tailors care according to the needs of individuals. She can confidently ascertain physical and medical factors contributing to sexual difficulties, as well as identify or rule out serious underlying medical conditions which may be influencing individuals sexual experience.

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Jane is passionate about helping patients to enjoy sexual good health and satisfaction. She is calm, expert and reassuring and provides a convenient, discrete and non-judgemental service.

She has achieved numerous prizes and awards throughout her career including a distinction in the diploma in Genitourinary Medicine, a scholarship to attend the European Summer School of Sexual Medicine and the British HIV Association (BHIVA) Research Award. She is one of only a handful of doctors in the UK who is Specialist in Genito-Urinary Medicine as well as being a Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine and thus is uniquely qualified to expertly treat sexual problems. Jane is a member of the BASHH Special Interest Group in Sexual Dysfunction.

portrait photp ali mears

Lucy Allen

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Lucy began her career back in 2009 and has since worked in the NHS and private sector before setting up her own private practice 3 years ago. Alongside her work at The Havelock Clinic Lucy runs a dedicated Gut Health clinic and Pelvic floor clinic in central London. Coming from an experienced musculoskeletal background, Lucy developed a passion for treating men and women with pelvic floor dysfunction issues ranging from constipation, urinary incontinence to sexual dysfunction. Lucy ran a perineal clinic in the NHS dedicated to helping women who had experienced traumatic deliveries and assisting in their recovery and continues to present her work on how to set up a Physiotherapy led perineal clinic. She is dedicated to helping clients become confident in managing their symptoms and regaining control over issues that can greatly impact day to day life. Lucy completed a Masters in Psychology to further support her clients emotional and wellbeing needs.

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Sarah completed a Masters level postgraduate certificate in physiotherapy in women's health at the University of Bradford. She is the physiotherapist representative on the BASHH Special Interest Group in Sexual Dysfunction. She is also a member of the Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy specialist interest group. Sarah teaches and speaks nationally to health professionals and GPs. Sarah is passionate about educating women and men about their pelvic floor and empowering them to be able to achieve their goals with increased confidence.