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Should we be more Katherine Ryan?

As the comedian reveals she and her husband do it ‘exactly twice a month’, Helen Coffey asks Havelock’s Dr Gurney whether there’s a magic number of trysts when it comes to a healthy sex life – and whether scheduling it could be key to ensuring the heat stays turned up.

Is it normal? Mythbusting for people with penises (part one)

Not being able to orgasm through penetrative sex, having a small penis and losing confidence in your erections- common issues we see in the therapy room. What is normal and when to seek help.

Is it normal? Mythbusting for people with penises (part two)

Coming too soon, taking longer to get aroused as you get older, not feeling up for it all the time- common issues we see in the therapy room. What is normal and when should you seek help?

Getting pregnant at home without penis in vagina sex

Do you want to get pregnant but the practicalities are getting the way? Worry not! Here is your guide to doing it without penis in vagina sex.

If your Sex Life Still isn’t Back on Track After Lockdown, Try Scheduling It In

The ipaper quoting from the Mind The Gap: the truth about desire and how to future proof your sex life, as well as the wonderful Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel.

Lockdown: The Great British Sex Drought

We spoke with Lynn Enright at Grazia magazine about why those living with a partner are in an ‘unsexy no-man’s land of nothingness’ plus the huge potential for explosive connections once lockdown is over!

Top 20 LGBTQ+ Micro Influencers To Follow and Support in 2020

We are so proud of Dr Karen Gurney for being mentioned in this list alongside others who have excellent social media accounts with top resources . Go check them out!

Lockdown Lovin’

We offer The Midulthood three ways to help want to get on top of each other when living under each other’s feet.

How Much Sex is Normal?

It makes us feel good and costs us nothing. So why aren’t we having more of it? We spoke to Sharon Walker at Vogue magazine as she investigates the decline in sex

Sexual Healing: Using Lockdown to Ignite Desire

Read Dr Karen Gurney’s article for The Observer newspaper on how lockdown could be the perfect time for couples to boost their sex life.

Generation Chaste: Why Are Millennials Having Less Sex?

We spoke to Grazia UK about what could be behind the sex slump, why some reasons could be positive, and why using frequency as a synonym for a good sex life is a red herring anyway!

The Real Reason you Don’t Want to Have Sex with your Partner

We spoke to Red Magazine about loss of desire and recommend three simple ways to bring back the intimacy

Exercise: Understanding your Conditions for Good Sex

A task to complete alone or with a partner, to increase self-understanding and build the foundations of good sex.

Six Lies That Can Wreck Your Sex Life

Read ‘Six Lies That Can Wreck Your Sex Life’, our exclusive for Femail.

Women’s Orgasm: A Feminist Issue

We were recently asked to contribute to a piece for the i paper about women’s orgasms and it got us thinking.

Your Pelvic Floor & Sex

The pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles that attach from the pubic bone at the front of your pelvis, then come between your legs, to attach to your coccyx at the back.

Sex, Lives & Desire

Having a good sex life that lasts the distance of time is one of the holy grails of popular culture.

I’ve got Heroes! Genital Herpes & Me

The first time I heard about genital herpes I was 23 and a friend of a friend had been diagnosed.

Take It Or Wheel it

Alex Cowan is a promoter of disability awareness and equality, writer, performer, speaker and spokesperson on sex and disability.

Trans People & Sex

Whilst trans and non-binary people have indeed become increasingly more visible in society, a lot of the narratives you may hear about us can be misleading.

Erika Lust on Pelvic Floor Health

The latest on pelvic floor, sex and pregnancy. Sarah Wolujewicz x Erika Lust.

Should We Stop Trying To Orgasm & Just Enjoy The Ride?

Do you feel pressure to orgasm? Does noticing how close you are get in the way of enjoying yourself?