Female Sexual Desire Online Workshop- Session 1

This workshop is for women of all sexualities who are concerned about low desire.

What it covers

We take a ‘biopsychosocial’ approach to treating sexual difficulties. This means that we will consider a wide range of biological, psychological and social factors that can contribute to an experience of low sexual desire, and explore ways of overcoming these. This will include;

  • What the research tell us about sexual desire in women
  • Understanding what sex means to you and how this fits with your experience of desire
  • Evaluating what function sex serves in your relationship(s)
  • Understanding the latest models of desire and relating this to your own experience
  • Learning what gets in the way of desire for you and what can you do about it
  • Maintaining progress and keeping desire on the agenda


Dates of next workshop


Session 1 – Sunday 17th September at 8-8.45pm

Rates and Booking

The online workshops costs £35 per session. Further details in your confirmation email.
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